Motivating Audiences to Make Accountability Their Competitive Edge

Sam Silverstein incites success and creates leaders everywhere he goes. He leaves those he meets challenged toward results and encouraged toward greatness. The momentum toward success is propelled by eliminating excuses and taking personal accountability for choices, actions and outcome.

Certified Speaking Professional Member of the National Speakers Association

In his presentations, Sam uses unforgettable illustrations and paints vibrant, often hilarious, always inspiring pictures for his audiences.

Speaking Presentations and Organizational Development Programs by Sam Silverstein, CSP

Non-Negotiable – Keynote

Non-Negotiable. It’s a decision you make—from which there is no retreat. The  positive standard that respects the rights of others—and is absolute. The authentic source of your personal power and control. The influential solution and purposeful focus of directing your life and organization to success. The key to building a culture you live at home and the office, that others follow willingly. The replacement for traditional leadership training. Non-Negotiable. Freeing. Powerful. Defining. Experience forging this power and freedom in your life and business today


No More Excuses® – Keynote

Why do some succeed while others fail? It starts with eliminating excuses, eradicating justifications and taking personal accountability for choices, actions and results. It starts with accountability.

No More Excuses

See the Solution – Facilitation

See the Solution enables groups to fully explore complex topics, while making sense of this complexity. It involves and engages all group members on an equal footing, leading to coherence through dialogue.

See the Solution

Building Accountable Teams – Organizational Development

Building Accountable Teams connects the elements of Proactive Accountability with designing, building, leading and participating in highly effective organizational teams.

Building Accountable Teams

The Accountable Leader – Organizational Development

The Accountable Leader ensures the future sustainability of the organization by stretching top leadership teams to continually develop more effective leadership skill-sets, enhance effective communication and better position themselves to identify, develop and mentor future leaders.

The Accountable Leader

Developing Accountable Supervisors – Organizational Development

Developing Accountable Supervisors is dedicated to help your frontline and middle management grow into effective and empowering team leaders. Critical leaderships skills, communications skills and accountability philosophies help transform your newer leaders and insure the future of your organization.

Developing Accountable Supervisors

Your session delivered the perfect message at the perfect time! ‘No more Excuses!’ set the tone for a fast-paced and productive day. Attendees were upbeat and energetic as the rest of our program continued through the afternoon. Northern Virginia Association of Realtors

You were enthusiastically received by nearly 1,500 remodelers who were eager to hear what you had to say, then return to the worksite to put your words into action… I wish I could say that all of the over 200 speakers I work with annually were as conscientious and fun to work with as you. National Association Of Home Builders / Remodelers Council

Your keynote address was inspiring, funny and one of the most entertaining I’ve ever heard. I have received numerous comments from attendees and they seem to agree that it was one of the best ever! Coming from this group, that is quite a compliment. Executive Director, Optimists International

Hire Sam Silverstein to make accountability your competitive advantage!